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Notes from off the Grid   
10:29am 15/06/2010
  Some notes from a journal while we were traveling last week...Collapse )

I am in love with this sky.
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Dear World:   
01:02pm 02/03/2010
Team Canada had an unfair advantage at the Olympics. My uncle Dave poured the concrete under the flame and planted a lucky loonie. I don't apologise. ;)

Thanks, Uncle Davey. :D
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Photos from the weekend   
10:31am 25/01/2010

Missed the protest (boooo) I triple-booked myself that day but ended up having a lot of fun. I'll leave you with the best protest sign ever.
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Annihilation Comes   
10:51am 20/01/2010

All the switches are off. For now. Step lightly, puny humans. Mother's cranky.
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04:34pm 18/01/2010
  Had a nice but different work weekend. Saturday we vended at the fetish fair Under One Roof in Guelph. Huge turnout but not a latex town, unfortunately for us. Still fun though, dressing people up and seeing their eyes light up at how great they looked.

Sunday we shot out in Mississaugua. In a frozen garage. And because we're bastards (don't let Candians' "polite" reputation fool you, we're really bastards), we shoved Cassie in a freezer. This was the first time I was truly cold all winter so she's totally a trooper.

embiggenCollapse )
Happiness is Self-direction   
02:27pm 15/01/2010
  Just bought enough solvent to strip a ship. Should last us a year, I hope. And all the latex, well, that won't last as long. We are intensely busy right now. Plus shoots and more shoots happening. New pieces, new colours, a show to plan, booths to man. I'm not mental yet but I may be close. Life is good, friends.  
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10:16am 11/01/2010
...legitimization of design will be, in the future, measured more in terms of how it can enable us to survive. —Dieter Rams

Just sloshing things around in my head right now...
It's chilly   
02:04pm 05/01/2010

It's chilly in here. (The heat just went on last night.) Bastian has commandeered Meggie's basket, and Meg has stolen my chair. Clearly there is a hierarchy here, and clearly I am at the bottom.
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Oh hai 2010   
01:29pm 01/01/2010
  Moving slow this morning. Little hungover, still in last night's eyeliner. About all I've managed so far is coffee and cookies. Looking forward to hanging out in my jimjams. (It's Canada so, yes, I wear flannels.) Feeling pretty good akshullythx.

After our hectic holidays of jumping from Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa and back to Toronto, I couldn't be happier with last night's camaraderie. Everyone was beautiful and brilliant. You're amazing people and I'm happy to know you.

Now go have some cookies.
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10:09am 21/12/2009
roof skyline

We woke up early this morning to catch the solstice sunrise from the rooftop. Grey and overcast, no light came through. Turning west, buildings are golden, reflecting the sunrise that never happened.
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{La Bidness} I'm chatty because I'm super exhausted.   
06:13pm 07/12/2009
  I just told a model to wear sex pumps to a shoot, when I meant sexy pumps. That's got to be about the worst typo you can make.  
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There Goes Fucksquatch   
09:27am 03/12/2009

This is in no way safe for work but I laughed my ass off. Sometimes you need to schedule your shit.
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you need this in your day   
02:23pm 01/12/2009
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02:10pm 26/11/2009
  A custom combination piece we did for a photographer friend who shoots at a lot of fetish events. The snap pockets are deep enough to hold pocket wizards, the small open pockets are for things that need to be grabbed fast. The thing I love here is that the two holsters can be clipped to themselves to be worn over pants or clipped together to wear over a skirt. It also, and I freely admit this bit was not my idea, can be adjusted to wear low-slung or high-waisted over a corset. I think it's rather bitchin.  
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{La Bidness} Oh hai kitteh   
08:30pm 19/10/2009
  Pic for our press kit.

Spent the evening sketching a design for the Hello Kitty anniversary fashion show in November. Submitting tomorrow. Next month a couple of our hot pink rubber dresses could be walking down the runway of a maid cafe in LA for Sanrio.

My life is a Dali painting, I fucking think so.
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Meggie's House   
01:40pm 10/10/2009

Using Xtranormal, a text-to-movie editor, James made this wee movie about our cats arguing about their litter boxes. My favourite part is that Meggie uses my language, the swearing, and "What the hell is wrong with you," is something I say pretty much daily. Also, Bastion's suave British accent is pretty awesome.
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hai Canadian designers   
09:57am 30/09/2009
  The Canadian government will be eliminating duties on raw materials including textiles.

Not a lot of info on this yet. CAF (Canadian Apparel Federation) will be holding a webinar in early October to help companies address their specific raw material needs.
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{La Bidness} Bondage Warriors   
09:55am 21/09/2009
  The Vogue Hommes Japan layout we were in went viral last night. It was fascinating to watch as fashion blog after fashion blog picked up on it. I read through about 10 pages of google links before I finally told myself, "It is good," and went to bed.

Shot by Steven Klein and styled by Nicola Formichetti, definitely this was the highest profile editorial we've been in yet. I am very proud and grateful to have been able to be involved in however small a way.
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wherein I practice my mantography   
12:47pm 15/09/2009
  sausagefest (not weiners in case you were worried)Collapse )
Yes, yes, I even work on vacation. If you can call it work. :)
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12:21pm 15/09/2009

Every summer I try to capture him in a dive. I managed to get him mid-air this time. One day I hope to be able to translate just how awesome it is to watch a body that knows itself so well.
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some Torture Garden pre-drinks party pics   
08:29pm 30/08/2009

yes ponies do drink wineCollapse )

More photos as I get them.
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sperms are free   
02:28pm 24/08/2009
Setting up shop. My life is ridiculous.
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01:15pm 20/08/2009
  While we work, we sometimes listen to audiobooks. We got Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell from Audible.com and have been listening to it over the last week.

Outliers. Is. Awesome.

Insightful and entertaining, and at times very touching, Outliers shows that the success of the best and brightest is not due to innate genius or just individual efforts but the product of opportunity, culture, concerted cultivation, and practice fucking practice. My description might seem common sense but the examples (the Beatles, Bill Gates, Canadian hockey players) and their stories are astounding. A lot of people go into a single success.
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09:07pm 16/08/2009
  My parents visited this weekend and are leaving in the morning, they dragged me all over tarnation during a heatwave, we ate at about a hundred restaurants and walked a million miles, I think I has a heatstroke, I have a tan, my cats have gone mental, ask me about any restaurant in Leslieville, I dare you.  
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flesh landscapes   
04:20pm 12/08/2009
  Marius Budu just released FLESH LANDSCAPES, a shoot I (and several others!) did last year. Marius, a dear friend and fellow madperson, has relocated and is now doing awesome, creative things in Denmark.

Shine on, brother. You are missed.
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Food Deserts   
10:33am 09/08/2009
  A new term, Food Deserts, has cropped up as an urban planning issue as well as a health reform issue lately. The concept is that of an urban area (usually poor) with little or no easy access to healthy food, in which the only access to food at all is through fast food chains or variety stores. So higher-priced food with lower nutritional content, ensuring poverty rates and increasing health problems such as diabetes and obesity.


I'm very lucky. Toronto, because of its population density and diversity, has exceptional food variety. I love showing off our restaurants to out-of-town guests, and am grateful that I can walk to a grocery store and select what I want. However, having lived in a poorer neighbourhood just a few years ago, even in Toronto, while not a food desert it was without a doubt much more expensive to get healthy food. Living in a more affluent neighbourhood now, our ease of access has increased, our food costs have decreased. I know that I am lucky.

Some of the comments on the CBC article bother me. An issue doesn't need to be directly relevant to your life to be an issue. Having empathy for your community is really the least you can do. And as, here in Canada, we all do pay for each other's health and welfare, belittling this as a non-issue will cost us all more in the long run even those of us with advantages.
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Post for no reason   
11:00am 07/08/2009
  While I worked yesterday, the boys took a nap.

+2Collapse )
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10:28am 07/08/2009
  Barry Schwartz on Our Loss of Wisdom

As I like to say, Knowledge is knowing better than to lick the beater with raw cookie dough. Wisdom is doing it anyway.
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hug the mountain   
05:20pm 29/07/2009

stolen from fauxred
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11:48am 29/07/2009

Just a little homesick lately. Been so long since I've visited my father's place that I don't even have my own digital images. Will have to scan some photos. Growing up, I spent my summers here running wild, hunting trilliums, bathing in rapids. Feeling a pull to go home again for a while.
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02:37pm 27/07/2009

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe on the devaluation of labour.

ganked from malpingu
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I don't recognize those people.   
02:28pm 13/07/2009
  So I thought I just added my dad on Facebook with a very enthusiastic greeting of "Oh hai daddy! It's me! :D"

Yeah, I'm not so sure it's actually my dad now.

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hello boys!   
12:18pm 02/07/2009
  OK this is too fabulous to not pass along. It's an ad for towels:

Found via clevermanka
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08:11pm 23/06/2009
  I saw a pair of these in the "flesh" recently and I'm totally in lust. Seriously, they're rubber, feet, and flexibility; what's not to love?  
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Spaceport America   
09:54am 19/06/2009
"Almost two years after the first plans were announced, construction has finally begun on Spaceport America. The spaceport, which will serve as the launch and landing pad for Virgin Galactic flights, is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, and represents the first serious commitment of infrastructure to manned commercial spaceflight."

Dear Sir Richard, I have some flight attendant uniform designs for you...
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05:29pm 17/06/2009
It"s rough at workCollapse )
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09:22pm 08/06/2009
How I spend my Friday eveningsCollapse )

Probably not very exciting. But great when you're there.
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08:45pm 04/06/2009
  Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist, is just fucking brilliant.

We are not as rational as we think when we make decisions.

On the stock market, cheating a little, and the fudge factor.

The videos are about 15 minutes each and well worth the watch. I love TED.
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09:40am 02/06/2009
Bastian's been very lonely and bored without Pooky. This is him trying out her basket. It's hard to fit such little shoes.
He wants a buddy but he doesn't like cats. He likes bunnies. I'm not getting him a bunny. No way am I watching my 30 lb cat get humped by a wee rabbit and him just thinking they're cuddling. I wonder if he'd like dogs. Dogs like being buddies... And it needs to be a boyfriend. He's afraid of girls.
No, I'm not shopping for a buddy for Bear. I'm just saying he's fussy. He's okay with being humped though.
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09:29am 21/05/2009
  I'm kind of fascinated with rubber animal play. Not furry stuff, more alien-slick and squeaky. Anything that makes someone look like a Michael Manning creature really piques my interest. So these caught my eye.

By rubber paws.

Ya, I know most of you are not into this and are going WTF?! But some of you are and are going Hmmmmm...
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